Sunday, November 29, 2009


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-side 1
-side 2
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  1. Trippy Goodness. Both sides 45 minutes roughly.

    Side 1 - starts with an explanation of some sorts. Then it goes into some drum-machine/noise stuff for quite a while(Dark tones/decent stuff), Later goes into some sort of 80's low volume newwave synth with female Puerto Rican pop style vocal with questionable lyrics.
    The whole thing has bits of voice clips throughout with background noise. All kinds of madness, a fun ride.

    I'll listen to side 2 now.

  2. There's a complete tracklist on discogs:

    The main sample on "leading cause of death" by Doro Benditz says:
    "In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland erleiden jährlich mehr als 80 000 Menschen einen Herzinfarkt" (In the Federal Republic of Germany, every year more than 80 000 people suffer from a heart attack).
    Together with the panicked and agitated crowd sounds, the barking dogs, it ridicules and calls out the reconstruction and continuity of the german national "Schicksalsgemeinschaft" and also the whole "germans were victims too" part of post-WWII german ideology.

    Or I'm totally off the mark there and it comments more on the 80s cold war "nuclear holocaust" scare, which was extremely rampant in West Germany, being on the very front line of the east/west conflict. Or both, as these two things are really indivisible (pun intended).

    Anyways, the images it creates in my mind are hilarious and morbid at the same time. To me this is a documentation of a collective mindset and atmosphere that was unique to the decade and place, both in what it criticizes (german mainstream society in the 80s) and represents (german counterculture of the 80s).

    I really need to know more about that Doro Benditz lady, apparently she's also the "rapper" on the 5th track.